Pagely Video Case Study #3 with Gravity Forms

Learn how Pagely helped Gravity Forms solve its WordPress scaling challenges

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This is an interview with one of our marquee SaaS customers, Rocket Genius (creators of the wildly popular form builder platform for WordPress, Gravity Forms). In this conversation we'll discuss the eight separate scaling challenges that we (Pagely) helped them overcome over the course of their five-year tenure as a customer of Pagely. 

Gravity Forms initially came to us intending to bring only their marketing site but quickly realized Pagely has a knack for resolving even the most perplexing performance bottlenecks within WordPress. Soon after becoming a customer with their marketing site, they decided to migrate their mission critical licensing server to Pagely as well. 

In this conversation you'll learn directly from the client what it's like working with our support team to troubleshoot complex scaling issues. You'll learn about how we:

  • locked down their security and dealt with a brute force password hacking incident.
  • enabled desktop database inspection tools & established a Git-based development/deployment workflow.
  • configured a reverse proxy to enable the use of a third-party, non-WordPress forums software running in a subdirectory of their WP app. 
  • submitted a patch to resolve scaling issues with the Gravity Forms plugin itself. 
  • ultimately diagnosed and resolved unoptimized query issues that were killing site performance leading to hardware cost savings and improved site stability. 

You'll learn all this and more directly from the client's mouth. This is a pre-recorded interview but the chat is live and you're able to ask clarifying questions about anything discussed.